What's next?  The Floating Tao is complete (enough).

I don't know what I'm doing.

I appreciate you reading along-- on this journey to

I have no idea.

I'm thinking I will start posting poems I made up lately,

inspired by The Floating Tao and other stuff

I've picked up in my 46 years of living.

I wish you all the best, and again,

thank you for reading along.

It means alot.

"I Wish Someone Woulda Told Me"

I wish someone woulda told me

nobody has the answers.

I wish someone woulda told me

it's okay to be brokenhearted.

I wish someone woulda told me

the solution to brokenheartedness

is not less heart.

I wish.

I wish someone woulda told me

grief isn't an emotion, but

the ever-present evidence

that we're doing it,

we're being human beings.

It's okay now.

It only took 46 years (and change)

for me to find out on my own.


and thoroughly defeated,

I hereby accept

my apprenticeship with sorrow.

Loving like there's no tomorrow

(cause there ain't).

Admitting I don't know shit.

Like you, and everybody else in this



toy box world.